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Complimentary Consultation

Before ever hitting the gym, I feel that it is important for us to meet for a free consultation. This will allow me to better understand how much experience you have and what your goals are over the course of our sessions. This will allow me to have a custom tailored work out plan ready for our first workout, and break any of that awkward ice that might be lying around. This is the first step towards taking an efficient route towards your fitness and nutrition goals.

Private Lessons

Once the Consultation is complete, I will begin designing workouts specific to your wants and needs. Whether you want to lose a little weight around the mid drift or be ready for a marathon, I have scientifically proven methods to help you succeed. I am certified by National Coalition of Strength and Fitness and constantly research the best fitness techniques to help my clients and myself get the most out of our workouts.

Fitness is a lifestyle and should not be solely focused on getting results during your time at the gym or during our sessions. With this in mind I will create a specific At-Home-Program for you to follow, which I will modify on a regular basis to suit your needs. The important thing to know is that you are not on your own in this and I can help you every step of the way, whether that be with advice or the support to get over even the highest hurdles. Don’t be afraid to contact me by phone or email if you have any problems or questions, it’s what being a fitness personal trainer is all about.

Nutrition Plan

One of the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle is nutrition. Making good choices for your meals and sourcing the correct food can both have a massive influence on your health and well being. As such I also offer nutritional planning services to help you make the most of what you eat. My clients quickly find that they feel better, have more energy and lose the weight they were looking to drop when they closely follow my plans.

Changing your eating habits can be difficult. Sometimes it involves cooking with new ingredients and trying tons of new recipes, but the process is extremely rewarding. As a fitness personal trainer I believe it is my duty more than my job to help others make better decisions for their minds and bodies, and dieting is the easiest way to accomplish this.

Fitness Personal Trainer Benefits

Many people wonder whether they really need a personal trainer. After all private lessons are an investment of both time and money, so they are right to be skeptical. Each time I’m asked this question during a consultation I give them the same 5 reasons why they really need a personal trainer: Faster and better results, decreased incidence of injuries, formation of lifelong exercise habits, overcoming plateaus, and learning a ton along the way.
The first point might seem a little obvious, but its important to know why your results are going to be faster better when taking private lessons with a personal trainer. Most people have not spent the time I have to research the best training methods for all levels of fitness, nor have they developed proper techniques for each exorcize in the personal fitness toolkit. As a nationally certified personal trainer, I can spot bad technique from a mile away and know exactly where to start with each person I have a consultation with. No wasting time, no excess reading and no more inefficient work outs.
Exercise is pretty strenuous on the body even when done correctly and having improper techniques and training habits only increases that strain. Sadly sometimes injuries are random and unavoidable, but private lessons with a personal trainer significantly decreases your odds of sustaining an injury while exercising. Think of your trainer as your spotter, your coach and your teacher all in the same package. They will teach you proper technique, keep you from over training, and show you the best methods to recover from any injuries you do sustain along the way.
Fitness and well being should be seen as a lifelong commitment to oneself. Having the right habits can leave you with more energy, less stress and perhaps even extend your lifespan. A good personal trainer will help his clients create these habits by helping them achieve outside the confines of the gym. While I might not be your personal trainer forever, I will help you change you meet your short term goals and give you the tools to make fitness a part of your lifestyle. Who knows, maybe those habits will rub off on other areas of your life too.
While it may seem like this is only applies to experienced fitness buffs looking to push themselves to the next level, plateaus exist at all levels of fitness. In fact a plateau is a natural part of a training regiment. To beat a plateau a Personal Trainer will analyze your fitness level, typical workout, and fine tune a new fitness plan to help you find gains in new areas. Overcoming plateaus can be one of the toughest challenges to staying motivated and focused on one’s fitness and a personal trainer is the easiest way to smash through them and set new personal records.
This point plays into all arguments that can be made for choosing private lessons with a private trainer. At the core a private trainer is a resource we rely on to teach us how to improve our bodies. They teach us new exercises, help us perfect out form, and ensure that we are taking care of ourselves. A private lesson is Physical Education class minus the Dodge Ball and Knock Out lines, where you truly learn how to exercise and do it properly.

Without a personal trainer you are wasting time, developing bad habits, and needlessly putting yourself at risk of injury. For anyone looking to get into fitness, change their lifestyle, or just take their health to the next level, private lessons with a certified private trainer are the best way to ensure results. Contact me today to schedule a free

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One of the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle is nutrition.

As a personal trainer I believe it is my duty more than my job to help others make better decisions
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